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“Rhino Grande’s new Mini Loader Dumper comes in handy for all sorts of things,” says Don Horton, 74 year old property owner in Kenthurst, Sydney’s leafy northwest.

“Recently, I built a twenty meter retaining wall and then had to backfill it with tons of soil and rock. I used the Loader to single-handedly scoop, fill, lift, carry – over rocky terrain, and dump. It’s got treads rather than wheels which increases traction and spreads the load but what I really love is the auto-loading feature. I don’t think I picked up a shovel once, and no wheelbarrows either. The whole job was done in a fraction of the time should I’ve done it the old fashioned way.

“I recommend the RG-800 Mini Auto-Loader. I think it would be great for landscaping, farming, demolitions – all sorts of things. It carries 800kg and has a Briggs & Stratton engine and Hydro-Gear hydraulics so reliability’s good. If the neighbours didn’t keep borrowing it, I’d get even more done around the place.”

Stuart Horton

Property owner & amateur landscaper


“We moved 250 tons of soil and rock in 2 days using 3 mini dumpers and an excavator and didn’t even break a sweat.

“Before Vicon International released the RG-800 Mini Dumper I would have just used more men and wheelbarrows. It would of taken four times as long and cost more but we wouldn’t have had any choice; nothing bigger would fit down the side of the newly built house in Willoughby, Sydney.

“One worker can move tons of soil a day without getting tired. The BY-800 does all the work. It’s different to other mini dumpers because it self-loads and unloads. It’s got a built-in hydraulic shovel in front and a scissor lift that can lift the bucket up 1.5m and tip the load into a skip bin or the back of a truck or Ute.

“We use the RG-800 wherever we can. You don’t have to be as careful as you do with a Bobcat or excavator so jobs go faster. And there aren’t the access or transportation issues. It can carry, lift and dump up to 800kg and is less than a meter wide. It’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine so it’s powerful and reliable. No special training is required; it’s easy to use.

“I recommend the RG-800 Mini-dumper. It’s a very good tool for landscaping especially if you need to move volumes of rock and soil. Combine it with a small excavator and you’ll multiply work efficiency and job profit.”

David Sharp
Managing Director    Abelia Gardens

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