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RG-500 Direct Drive

• Direct hydraulic drive with four hydraulic drive motors, one on each wheel

• Superior pulling force

• The RG-500 turns and pulls with ease in all conditions

• The entire transmission is service free - no drive chains to tighten

Best lift capacity in their class

• Excellent stability thanks to the longer wheelbase

• Ideal weight distribution enables handling of heavier loads

• Moving of e.g. round bales is easy with the RG-500

Easily operated, well-positioned controls

Advanced operator comfort is a standard feature on the RG-500:

• Well thought-out ergonomics

• Smooth drive control

• Auxiliary hydraulics can be operated by a pedal in the foot well or by a lever on the dashboard

• Two drive speed areas: selection of low and high speed with a pedal

• Excellent, unrestricted field of vision from the driver’s seat

Real double speed

• Drive speed area can be selected during driving, without stopping the machine

• Control with a pedal in the foot well

• Twin pump in the drive system: versatility for driving and attachment operation

Top class components

Honda is a leading brand of petrol engines, and Kubota diesel engines are renowned for their quality all over the world. That is why they are on the RG- 500. The hydraulic system is designed for heavy duty professional use - as on all the RG-500 models.



The RG-500 it’s the real multi-purpose machine on farms, construction sites etc. On farm, for example, there are many jobs able to be carried out in barns. In addition to fodder distribution, you can handle the bedding can be handled, cleaning the feeding table, and emptying the manure gutter.

Outdoors, The RG-500 is an excellent tool. It can tackle a multitude of tasks – be it various building and maintenance jobs on the farm or working in tight situations like demolition inside buildings

where bigger machines cannot go.



The RG-500, as an investment, is very cost effective.

The annual operating and capital costs are also very low.



The RG-500 is a very fast and efficient machine. This efficiency is based on continuous movement.

 The RG-500 – The Compact and Strong

               Mini Skid Steer Loader

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